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Post by God Mon Dec 05, 2022 5:24 pm

10 years ago, calamity struck.

No one could've predicted this event. Out of nowhere, a tower emerged from the Pacific Ocean, so overwhelming in size it could be spotted poking at the heavens anywhere from the hemisphere. Investigation from all forces of the world was swift, and what they found shook the entire world. Dreadful creatures of fiction resided beyond the gigantic stone doors. Fearful, one of the nations decided to try and destroy the tower, to no avail no matter what firepower was utilized. Thus, everyone decided to let the mysterious tower be. Until the first months, and the gate shot open on it's own, releasing the monsters to the world. Much like the tower no human made weapon had any impact. However.. with the tower's emergence, 10% of the human population awakened to supernatural powers that allowed them to just barely fend off the monsters. Within that 10%, 5% awakened a unique, second power. The power to tame them, or rather, to harvest the soul of felled creatures and manifest it in the form of... cards.

At first, no one could figure out what the purpose of those cards was, but after numerous attempts and tests it'd appear that in order to harness their power and combat even stronger beasts of the tower, one must engage in a complicated ritual with very specific rules to manifests the souls residing inside. Those who were granted an ability were simply dubbed 'Awakened', and the special 5% granted the title of 'Duelist'.

As time passed more and more was understood about the tower, both from experience as well as various unknown writings found inside. The tower is divided into a hundred floors and each floor seems to be it's own dimension and is subject to it's own set of rules. For each month a floor is not cleared, the gates open on their own and monsters swarm out to wreak havoc. Besides monsters, every few floors houses a stronger entity as a guardian. Over the years the Awakened and Duelists were accepted as common place and civilization advanced around them. Organizations that offer extraordinary pay to the Duelists in exchange of profiting from their exploits in the tower. Sports formed by people who decided to use their powers for entertainment. Luxurious neighborhoods for the highest grades. Rules were made to keep people with powers in check, each forced to register themselves to the Awakened Association and be given a grade. From D-Rank, marking one as barely more capable than a regular citizen, SSS-Rank, theorized to reach the status of a god-like entity. Though there are no recorded SSS-Rank Duelists in humanity's history, those who enter the S-Rank are given a special title to further mark their potential. Because of the nature of those titles, they've been dubbed the 'Color Duelists'.

After 5 years, due to the effort of a group of exemplary Color Duelists, the top floor of the tower was conquered, and the monument that changed humanity's history crumbled into nothing. The group to destroy the tower is presumed to have died in it's destruction, and...

5 years ago, calamity struck again.

After a few months of peace, yet another tower rose into the clear blue skies and tore through the heavens. However this time humanity is prepared. You, a Duelist, have been chosen as part of a group of similarly capable people to be humanity's savior like those before you.

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