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Deck Rules

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Deck Rules Empty Deck Rules

Post by God Mon Dec 05, 2022 4:34 pm

- OCG Banlist
- Regular deck creation rules, the only restriction is keeping Extra Deck monsters at 1x unless the deck absolutely needs it (If, for example, the ED monster is a centerpiece of the deck and it, quite literally, can’t function without it).
- Please, while building your deck and playing keep in mind that the point of RPs is to have fun. I’m not going to bar you from playing control heavy decks like Altergeists or OTK decks like Crusadia that will either OTK or brick with very little inbetween (Unless they’re on the unavailable list), but limit yourself either during the duel or in the deck creation process to ensure both players get to interact as much as possible.
- Absolutely no pure floodgates like Vanity’s Emptiness or the entirety of Amorphages. Floodgates that are conditional or don’t have to serve purely as a floodgate are fine if they are in theme.
- Mulligans are, of course, acceptable. But if you have to mulligan like 5 times then perhaps it’s better to just swap out one or two cards to ensure you have some form of play or a way to dig your deck.
- The majority of the RP will happen on the Forum, and Duels can play out on any platform you wish. Dueling Book, DMG, EDOPro, YGOmega. It doesn’t really matter, you can even skip the “playing it out” process entirely and communicate with your opponent to script out the duel to get your ideal outcome beat for beat.

UNAVAILABLE DECKS: (Subject to change)

SPECIAL CARDS/ARCHETYPES: (Not unavailable, but limited to one per person unless it was planned out)
Signer Dragons
Dimensional Dragons
Entity monsters
Aesir monsters
Egyptian Gods
Wicked Gods
Judgement Dragon
Dark Armed Dragon
More to be added

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